Find out the adverbs

1. What’s your name?

2. Batch no?

3. He walks slowly.

4. This is a very beautiful picture.

5. He came to the field slowly.

6. Unfortunately he failed.

7. The work can be done more easily.

8. He reads well.

9. The horse can run fast.

10. Why is she cray loudly?

11. Tell me when he will come.

12. How they reached there?

13. Does he know where she stays?

14. Surely he will come.

15. He is almost a drunkard.

16. He was always honest.

17. The boy has enough strength to carry the load smoothly.

18. He shall certainly go.

19. The examiner has carefully examined the scripts.

20. Down went the ship.

21. Rubel came early.

22. He never comes late.

23. I shall never help him.

24. Della was very active.

25. He talks too much.

26. We have already taken the decision.

27. He always walks quickly.

28. The Players play well.

29. The man is too weak to go out.

30. He sometimes meets me.

31. He frequently visits my office.

32. A barking dog seldom bites.

Find out the adverbs

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